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January 3, 2013
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Pain rocked my body.
I didn’t know where it came from; it just hurt everywhere. Everything was dark; I wasn’t sure if I was sleeping or simply blind. In fact, I didn’t know anything. My mind was blank, there was only pain.
Suddenly color flashed across my darkness, creating an image.
I beheld a woman with dark shoulder-length hair and blue-green eyes cupping a water lily in her hands. She had a smile on her face, enhancing her already fair features. She looked young, perhaps fourteen, maybe even twelve.
I knew that girl was me.

Lorica, a voice sighed. Arise… You are needed in the world of the living…
I cracked open one of my eyes. I still hurt, though not as much as before. I was in a small one-room hut, on a straw mat on a dirt floor.  Sunlight filtered through a window to my right. To my left was a straw flap concealing a door. The air was cool and fresh, smelling of spring.  
A woman looked down at my face. She had light brown hair that hung on her shoulders. A light dress covered her legs and arms to her elbows. Her face brightened as soon as she saw I was conscious. She clasped her hands together.
“Oh! Finally! You have awakened!” She exclaimed. Her voice was slightly accented, though I could not place where it was from. “I have worked on you from dawn to dusk and even longer for nearly a fortnight! It is marvelous you’ve awakened.  I doubted you would, your fever was so bad. Oh, but look, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here, allow me to get you some clothes and food.”
She stood and hurried to the straw flap, pushing it aside. She was gone for long enough that I nearly fell asleep again, whereupon she came in, allowing a shaft of light to fall onto my face and wake me. She was carrying a large platter filled with food; a small peach rested beside a steaming bowl of…. Something, for I wasn’t sure what exactly it was. It filled the room with a tantalizing aroma, and I noticed for the first time how hungry I was.
In her other arm laid a beautiful white dress. It had a belt of braided silver around it, an empty sword sheath hanging from its clasp. A deep crimson-colored cloak was on her shoulder. A strange pattern, two slim circles resembling a birds’ torso with upraised wings and three triangles, adorned the front in gold.
The woman set down her load and handed me the platter. I ravenously devoured the food, savoring the taste of whatever was in the bowl. The woman looked at me expectantly.
“How is it?” She asked.
“Oh, it’s delicious! What is it?” I responded.
The woman smiled, and again clasped her hands together.
“It’s Octorok!” She exclaimed.
O…ctorok?  What in the world is that?
The woman showed no inclination to explain, however, and instead handed me the clothes.
“What you were found in was in rags, so I decided to give you this,” She explained. “I was making this for when I might get married or something, but...” She blushed, and then looked at the ground. “That day never came, so I want you to have it. You’re so pretty; it fits you much better than it ever would me.”
“You made this?” I asked, raising the dress. It was so soft; it almost felt like liquid. “It’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
I got into the dress and cloak, savoring the quality. The woman clasped her hands together, she looked pleased.
Suddenly a huge monolith of a man walked into the room. His clothes were travel-worn and rough. He had dull black hair and dark, wild eyes. He raked the small room, and, when seeing me, stormed over and lifted me by my neck.
“State you name and where you’ve come from!” He commanded, his voice booming around the room.  
Where is it that I have come from? I thought. I… “I can’t remember…” I whispered.
His fingers tightened around my neck. I gagged and tried to force air through my throat. “Then start remembering!” He roared.  His fingers constricted my breathing to nearly nothing. I felt lightheaded; as if I might pass out at any second. Everything around me was dark.
Suddenly, a voice cut through the air and into my fading consciousness.
“Stop it, Badrick, you’ll kill her!”
The voice was unmistakably male, and quite young from the sound of it.
“What if she’s reinforcements from Zant? We’ll be doomed for sure!” Badrick replied.
Suddenly, the pressure lifted from my neck, and I collapsed onto the floor. I gasped and coughed, trying to regain the vitality I just lost. As my vision slowly returned to me, I looked up to see just who it was who just saved me.
A boy, perhaps a year or two older than me, stood. He was in a green tunic, with a leather belt around his waist with three leather pouches and a strap that looped over his shoulder, a sword and shield strapped to it. Creamy leggings covered his thighs, leather boots covered his calves. He had a long green hat and dirty blonde hair.And his face…
I blushed as soon as I saw his face, though I wasn’t sure why. He’s face was perfect. He had ice-blue eyes that had a slight angle to them. He was looked defiantly and Badrick, his eyebrows slanted in anger.
He was angry? Why would he be angry for me?
Badrick glared at him. “How else will we figure out if she’s from Zant? She could kill us all!”
He turned back to me. “So, if you don’t give it out willingly, we’ll have to use force.” He hissed. His eyes glittered, as if he wanted to beat me to death.
“No!” The boy cried out, jumping in from of Badrick as if to protect me.
Badrick glared at him. “Do you want to be beaten as well? Stand aside!”
Suddenly, a figure flew out from the boy’s sword. Her skin, hair, and pupil-less eyes were the same shade of light blue. She had no arms, they were replaced a cloak with drapery-like endings. Half of it was a similar blue to her body, the other a deep purple. The cloak was clasped with a large diamond in the middle. A short dress covered her torso, the same deep purple as the left side of her cloak. Two gold stripes ran down it. A light purple cloth sash decorated the bottom.  Her legs were a dark blue, with teal fishnet stockings covering them.
“Master,” She nodded to the boy. “Allow me.”
Her voice was emotionless and somewhat mechanical.
She turned her head toward me and her eyes narrowed. Pain exploded in the side of my head, it felt as if I had been struck. My thoughts were immobilized, I only thought of the frightening presence that now loomed in my mind. Someone, something, was going through my mind, and in such a way that I could not block its progress, only allow it to finish its course.
Which wasn’t long, for it was going through my mind at such a swift pace.
Slowly, both the presence and pain withdrew from my mind, and I was again able to think.
“Her name is Lorica. She is not your enemy, Master.” The figure concluded.
The boy sighed in relief. “Thank you, Fi.”
Fi nodded, and then disappeared into the sword.
Badrick glared at us from under his thick brow. “Well, Link. She’s your responsibility. You’re the one who found her. What are you going to do with her?”
Link narrowed his eyes. “Teach her how to fight. Then I’ll take her with me.”
Badrick laughed, and it sounded as if he was in pain. “She won’t last a mile! You saw how weak she was!”
“Then I’ll make her stronger.” Link’s voice was filled with abhorrence. ‘You know how much I need help.”
Badrick grunted. “She’s yours, then.” He strode out of the room.
I stood.
“You’re the one who found and brought me here?”
I bowed. “Thank you, then, for without you, I surely would have died.”
When I looked up, I was surprised to see Link blushing. He looked at his feet, and then stuttered, “Follow me. I… I need to see how proficient you are with the blade.”
He walked out of the room, and I followed closely behind.
Our surroundings were very lush. A stream ran through the cluster of huts and small houses that made up the village. On one building a small waterwheel was attached.
“Where is this?” I asked.
He eyed me strangely. “It’s Ordon Village.”
“Ordon….” I whispered. It seemed familiar, but distant as well, half remembered, half forgotten, like a melody heard in a dream.
Link abruptly turned and went into a hut much like the woman’s from before. He came out with two identical swords, short and light. He handed one to me.
“It’s a fake,” He explained. “You know, so we won’t cut ourselves to ribbons.”
I looked at the sword, studying it. It was a dark gray and it shined dully in the bright sun. The edge seemed sharp, but not so much that it could do a large amount of damage while fighting. It seemed solely for the purpose of training, not for any real fighting.
After a short walk, we arrived at a pool of water, the source of the stream. Link stopped on a clear patch of ground, the dirt a light cream, and dropped into a crouch.
“Fight me!” He shouted, and lunged toward me, sword only a blur.
I lifted mine, and the clash of steel on steel resounded through the clearing.
It took all of my strength to keep the sword from completing its arc. My arm trembled under the stress, and sweat beaded on my forehead.
Disappointment flashed through Link’s eyes.  He jumped back, and swung again. I blocked his blow with both of my hands, determined to hold him off. I leapt back, and then swung at him as swift as I possibly could.  He parried, and then attacked again.
And so our fight progressed, and so it was until my arms could no longer lift the sword and I was gasping for air. Link sheathed his mock sword.
“You’re… Better than I expected, but you could still use some work,” He commented. “Can you use a bow at all?”
“Um… I… I don’t know…” I replied. “I can’t remember…”
He took out a bow and small quiver from one of his leather pouches.From that tiny thing? How did he manage that?
He handed it to me, along with a single arrow, and then pointed at a tree about ten yards away. “Try to hit that.”
The bow was crafted out of a dark wood. Silver fittings adorned the tips and above and below the handle. I experimentally drew the string. The sinew bent smoothly in my fingers. I nocked an arrow and then aimed it at the tree. It seemed natural, as if I had been used to the motion. I held it drawn to my cheek for a second and then fired. The arrow whizzed through the air and then hit the tree directly in the middle with a dull thud. The shaft had buried itself halfway into the tree with the force of its passage.
I lowered the bow and gaped at the tree in surprise. I didn’t even expect that I would even be able to shoot it so far. Suddenly, laughter reached my ears, and I spun around to see Link was the one who was laughing. He had seemed so… Well, dark earlier, this had caught me off guard. The sound was so light that my own laughter began, although I was not sure what it was that made filled with so much mirth.
“Well, that answers my question, eh? You can use a bow!” He said, still smiling. “Better than I can, even.”
I blushed and looked at my feet. “I’m sure that’s not true...” I stammered.

The days progressed as such rather quickly. I soon could fight off Link easier than before, and soon could match him. I became stronger and more comfortable with the fact I had no memory, for I was making new memories.  
I got to know Link better, got to know his passions, which meant more to me then the movements of the blade. He was gentle, generous, and kind, seemed to respect me. I had a feeling that no one really had before.
Link told me about how a man, Zant, had usurped the previous king. Hyrule, where I learned was the kingdom I was now in, had been under his reign. Zant was a cruel man and had covered Hyrule in Twilight, and Link was about to set out on a quest to find the three Sacred Flames located in Faron Woods, Lanayru Desert, and on Eldin Volcano.  He told me how he wanted me to come with him, for he needed all of the help he could get. I agreed, of course, for I had a feeling I always wanted to embark on such a quest.
Before I lost my memory, that is.
And so it was, until the day came that Link finally announced I was strong enough to accompany him.
ashujaixnaskjdna This took me all day long, but I like it quite a bit.
This is by far the most entertaining thing I've ever written. I think I found my passion. :heart:
It's seven pages long O.e
Well, I like it :D
Badrick was somewhat of a last-minute decision. I wanted it to be action-like, so BAM! Crazy buff guy trying to strangle Lorica in the first chapter.
Isn't it wonderful? :`)
This is my first ever fanfiction type thing. Tell me if you like it! :D
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Which Zelda game(s) is this based on? ^^
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Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, and my imagination :D
I didn't like it, though. I stopped writing it. ^^;
MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Wow, lots of different games! I guess it was hard writing it taking so many different setting into consideration... ^^'
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It just went all over the place, so I gave up. XD
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MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
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ahhh! i hate that weird zone with the drops
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And to think there are actually four... ISN'T THREE ENOUGH?!
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